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Small Histories

In History on August 12, 2008 at 7:04 pm

Restaurants, public spaces, moments in the history of struggle – all of these make for good introductions to this piece of the world we call Van East. Sometimes, though, nothing so dramtic or notable is required at all. Sometimes, it is just one home among many.

I’ve lived in East Van most of my life, but in 1990, as I approached the end of my high school days, the family moved from the southeast corrner of the city, round the Knight Street Bridge area, to East Georgia Street, on the eastern edge of the Downtown Eastside. It was an old house, the quintessential run-down Vancouver “character home”, three levels on a narrrow lot, solid wood construction that had been covered over many many years past with asbestos shingles. The home sat directly across the street from Seymour Elementary School, and it sits there still – though my folks have moved on, I have moved on, and the 100 year old cedar that shaded the front yard for so long has sadly been taken down.

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