Travels Through East Vancouver


A viaduct is a bridge for carrying traffic. It is also a journey over water, a deviation from a path, a step astray, or the practice of traveling.

In Vancouver, BC the Georgia Street viaduct practically separates downtown east from west, bypassing Chinatown to spit cars out into Strathcona and points further east. Mover of traffic and site of popular struggle in the 1970s, the viaduct takes the traveler from downtown and into the grids that divide Grandview from Renfrew, Hastings East, Mt Pleasant, South Fraser – from oceanfront to riverside.

East Vancouver is a cultural, political and geographical journey – a set of interconnected neighbourhoods whose identities are being gentrified as Vancouver becomes one of the most over-priced cities in the world.

Viaduct is a document of our East Vancouver – our food, institutions, history, writers, artists, and our battles. A weekly exploration into aspects of the place that we live in and dream of.  A reflection and a riot, we are hoping this will be as much fun for the reader as it is for us!

Contributions always welcome: writing, photography, podcasts, or anything else web-friendly.


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